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On Set Dialogue Coaching – 60 Minutes


5.00 out of 5

Base $250/hour Los Angeles County (4 hour minimum)
Full Day $1,500 Los Angeles County (8 hour maximum)

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Base $250/hour

Los Angeles County – 4 hour minimum

Full Day $1,500

Los Angeles County

1 review for On Set Dialogue Coaching – 60 Minutes

  1. Nikki BreAnne
    5 out of 5


    One word – Aaaamazing. Okay, two more – Absolutely Necessary.

    Kristy coached me in Alabama while working on the film Extraction. It was then that I truly realized the MOST important thing an actor can ever do is their BEST work on set–when we’re actually shooting.. Common sense, right? – Well. Once we’ve booked the job, no matter how big or small, we aaaall think we’re doing just that, our best work.. because we wen’t to class, we coached the audition, we coached the callback.. we got the job. We’re good to go, right? Pause. – More like: Yeah, right. Let me just say how lucky I am to have had this woman on set. She did whatever necessary to make SURE she got out of me what she knew was my best – and there is no better feeling than walking off set knowing that you did what you came to do.

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