Kristina is currently working on multiple sets as a dialogue coach and intimacy coordinator and more! As such, she is unavailable for private meetings, coachings and/or self-tapes from now until the end of the year.

But fear not! She is still running her in-person and online classes as usual so keep an eye out for those if you are interested in training with her.

For more information on classes, read below and follow Ben Parkinson Casting and On Set Coaching on Facebook! Or if you have other questions feel free to reach out to

Team OSC


At On Set Coaching, our goal is to get you On Set More.

We focus on a two-prong strategy of creative actor training and consulting, because we feel that each of these aspects is crucial,
and that both need to be exercised to help each actor reach his or her full potential.

Great! What the hell does that mean?

Creative Actor Training

As an actor, you already know that you need to be working on your acting skills regularly, keeping your talents primed and ready to go.

But we believe that dialing in on only one approach and then drilling that method ad nauseam can only produce diminishing returns (and, all too frequently, actual nausea).

At On Set, we train across a wide range of methods to help you build a versatile toolbox, one that will allow you to tackle any job, from delivering a brutal King Lear monologue to actually making the jokes funny on a Disney show.

Actor/Talent Consulting

When it comes to show business, it’s important to remember that only half of those words is “show.”

At On Set, we will also work with you on the “business”-examining what is and isn’t working in your career so that we can get you working on set more regularly.

Through image/marketing analysis, strategic representation planning and a whole lot of tough love we will help you figure out how to put your best foot forward in every aspect of the entertainment industry. Except for yodeling. We do zero consulting on yodeling. (We have great respect for the art form; it’s just not something we do.)

Committed Actor Benefits

On Set Coaching isn’t just for the working actor, it’s for the hustling actor.

You’ll be expected to put in the effort on your acting as well on all aspects of your career in an effort to get you out more and get you on set.

We will work as hard as you do and we are here to help every step of the way, but, ultimately, it’s up to you. If you could use a coach who helps you to improve your acting and to set and achieve clear goals in the industry, come on down!

We look forward to working with you.


Introductory Intensives

101: The Working Actor’s Intensive 

This four-week intensive course is designed for working actors who are ready to move themselves to their next level. It is for actors who are looking to further hone their branding and audition skills as well as gaining insight into what industry professionals look for in the audition room. This intensive teaches the working actor to think like casting directors and producers. Because of Kristy’s prolific career on set, she provides a thorough understanding of the entertainment industry in both Australia and Internationally. The kind of training which, of course, is not taught anywhere else. The goal of a working actor should be to get in more rooms and consistently nail your audition every time.

102: The Working Actor’s Intensive Part Deux!

Okay, you survived 101. Now let’s dive headfirst into the polishing touches that will move you from a good actor to a consistently great actor. 102 is a four-week intensive that implements the skills learned in 101 and builds on them. Actors are required rehearse with one another throughout the week for several hours. Sounds easy, right? Don’t be fooled. Be 100% ready to work hard and learn a lot.

201: Comedy Intensive 

Comedy is the third Intensive designed for the working actor. It is, once again, a four-week intensive which gives a thorough analysis of all styles and genres of comedy in both film and tv. It trains actors to analyze, understand and deliver comedy. The skills of comedy can be learned by any actor, even the ones who don’t think they are funny. The lessons learned in Comedy Intensive will inform all of your text analysis skills in all genres of comedy and drama.  Actors will learn to pick up on the subtleties in scripts and how to bring all that newfound knowledge to their acting!

202: Chemistry & Intimacy Intensive

As one of very few certified Intimacy Coordinators in Australia, Kristy offers actors the opportunity to learn how to create chemistry on screen in any situation as well as how to be safe and sell it in any intimate circumstances on set. This unique intensive is vital to actors actively on set. important. Actors will learn how to safely and effectively perform intimate scenes. First actors will be taught exactly how to keep themselves safe on set during intimate scenes and then they will learn how to create chemistry beautifully for any genre.

OnGoing Scene Study

You did it! You’ve completed all of the Intensives, now you are eligible to enter the OnGoing Scene Study with Kristy. There are limited spaces in these courses as Kristy focuses on your individual growth as an actor. So, what happens in OnGoings?

No two classes are the same. Kristy tailors to each classes’ individual needs, as well as the current demands of the tv and film industry. She sometimes opens the floor to the actors and allows them to choose what skills they would like to improve upon. The class structure will evolve with the group and the curriculum is adjusted accordingly. We like to say that in completing the intro classes, you have learned how to learn! Now let’s have some fun!


For those of you whose talents may also lie in writing, we’ve got you covered! Kristy’s screenwriting classes are held over zoom and will show writers the ins and outs of professional screenwriting. You will not only learn how to write and structure your writing but also how to market and create pitches. This way you will have material ready to pitch and get produced. Let’s make your material industry ready!


For those of you looking to join the On Set Coaching community, please be aware that misbehaviour will not be tolerated and that Kristina as well as her staff at On Set Coaching reserve the right not to teach and/or remove anyone from classes who is a disturbance or behaves in a manner that is deemed unacceptable. Furthermore, any member of the On Set Coaching Community found to have a conflict with another member that has resulted in any current civil or criminal orders against them will also be removed from classes.

These safety measures are in place for the protection of everyone in our community as well as our well-loved staff members. It is imperative for the learning environment that we cultivate at On Set Coaching, that everyone feels safe and respected.

Thank you for your understanding, we look forward to working with you!