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At On Set Coaching, our goal is to get you On Set More.

We focus on a two-prong strategy of creative actor training and consulting, because we feel that each of these aspects is crucial,
and that both need to be exercised to help each actor reach his or her full potential.

Great! What the hell does that mean?

Creative Actor Training

As an actor, you already know that you need to be working on your acting skills regularly, keeping your talents primed and ready to go.

But we believe that dialing in on only one approach and then drilling that method ad nauseam can only produce diminishing returns (and, all too frequently, actual nausea).

At On Set, we train across a wide range of methods to help you build a versatile toolbox, one that will allow you to tackle any job, from delivering a brutal King Lear monologue to actually making the jokes funny on a Disney show.

Actor/Talent Consulting

When it comes to show business, it’s important to remember that only half of those words is “show.”

At On Set, we will also work with you on the “business”-examining what is and isn’t working in your career so that we can get you working on set more regularly.

Through image/marketing analysis, strategic representation planning and a whole lot of tough love we will help you figure out how to put your best foot forward in every aspect of the entertainment industry. Except for yodeling. We do zero consulting on yodeling. (We have great respect for the art form; it’s just not something we do.)

Committed Actor Benefits

On Set Coaching isn’t just for the working actor, it’s for the hustling actor.

You’ll be expected to put in the effort on your acting as well on all aspects of your career in an effort to get you out more and get you on set.

We will work as hard as you do and we are here to help every step of the way, but, ultimately, it’s up to you. If you could use a coach who helps you to improve your acting and to set and achieve clear goals in the industry, come on down!

We look forward to working with you.

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