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Text Analysis


Text Analysis

People have been asking me for years to show them my special technique for breaking down and analyzing a script. The ability to sift through a script to see exactly what is important, what is not so important and how it all fits together is an invaluable tool for an actor and arms that actor with a secret arsenal of knowledge. Knowledge really is power and knowledgeable actors get work!

As a professional script reader for multiple film festivals and production companies, not to mention all of my clients, I would love to teach you how to get more out of your scripts. So we are going to do some good old fashion text analysis on current scripts. A full script (and sides if possible) will be provided and you will read ahead of time. Then we will gather together in front of our computer screens to discuss all of the elements of the scripts: arc, archetypal characters, character development, genre, tone, relationship, point of view and more. The goal of this class is not performance but rather learning to get more out of your script so that ultimately you can perform better!

(Sessions will usually run about 2 hours)


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