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Marketing Masterclass


Six (6) personalized sessions with Kristy to craft and promote your best marketing to get you working more!

Agents and Managers have been asking me to do this for you guys for a while and they finally got their way!

  • Are you represented but not going out as much as you would like to be?
  • Are you thinking about switching reps and don’t know where to get started?
  • Are you looking for representation and not getting any positive results?

Let’s put your marketing package together and get you WORKING MORE!

This will be a 6 session consultation course with me. We will create your specific marking plan and put it into action. We will do this at your own pace – could be done in a month or over several months. You determine how quickly you can move through it. We can work on Skype or in person (if we happen to be on the same continent at the same time).

All sessions will be approximately 45 min to one hour. The total cost for the course is $300.

Session 1: WHO ARE YOU?

Let’s take a good look at your marketing. How are you marketing yourself? How should you be marketing yourself? What’s marketing? Who is like you out there? What are your career goals? All of these questions and more will be answered here.

Session 2: HOW DO I LOOK?

Since we are in the business of moving images, you need to develop your eye for the images on your screens. How to analyze headshots, what your headshot needs are and what is the image that you are putting out into the world via IMBD, Facebook, Instagram and more.


Now that we have your image and marketing down, we can focus on showing your acting skills. Here we will review your current footage and how best to cut it together. If you don’t have footage, then I will tell you how to find material and gather footage for yourself.


In this step, we will review all of your materials and put your package together! We will look at editing, cutting, rearranging, so you’re all good to go. Then we will start crafting your submission letters so that you are ready to send out!


Ready for reps! Start targeting the right reps for you. Who are your target agents and managers? Why? Who are you ready to be working with right now and who is in your reach? How do you submit to them? How do you prep for your meetings?

Session 6: WHAT NOW?

What can you expect from your reps? What do they expect from you? Let’s get it all on the table, so that you can get working and make each other some money!


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