Happy New Year! Happy Pilot Season!


Hey, Loves! I am hope that this finds you well and ready to take on the world. Because that is what we have to do. It seems as though everything is moving us towards working hard. Working even harder than we have been. So if you haven’t been caring for yourself, you need to start putting yourself first. And if your self care is on par then consider giving some of your love and support to those around you.

Here is my first attempt at blogging and vlogging. Be gentle.

Get working! Read everything you can get your hands on.

Love to you all,


Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays, Everybody!

I hope that you are all well and taking some time to celebrate, rest and get ready to hit the ground running!
You know I am a workaholic and I don’t rest, as is evidenced by my never ending death cold, but I digress… I don’t rest because I want to help you work! The new year is upon us! This year was a tough one for a lot of you. Let’s see if we can’t shift that energy and start you off with a bang.
So as a holiday gift for everyone who has signed up for the online classes I am sending you a zip file with all of the the 2017 pilots that have been released! We will send out updates on these files as pilot season goes on, and they add up fast, so if you can, start reading a pilot a day. It will change your mindset on your work and improve your work.
I’m always here for you guys, even if it is online. I am doing best living in 2 countries and supporting you all as much as I can. Just let me know if you need me. I may not always be physically present but my heart is always present. If you haven’t tried the online classes, you can sign up here: https://onsetcoaching.com/offerings/online-classes-workshops/
I love you guys and even if it has been a while since I have seen you, I send each of you my wishes for success and happiness. Take care of yourselves.



The Hunting Season

Hey Guys! It’s that time of year again where you folks need to go hunting for reps or casting directors that aren’t capitalizing on the geniuses that you are. If you didn’t know it, now you do.

So, a bunch of people have been asking me so here you go:

Plan for April through June/July

  1. Book A Vacation Seriously. Get the fuck out of town for a bit. Replenish your soul. Breathe some non-Hollywood air.
  2. Start Hunting for New Reps This is the time of year that agents and managers are cleaning out their rosters and looking for new people so you should be doing everything you can to meet with them.
  3. Get your asses in some Casting Director Workshops Due to all of the hullabaloo around what happened to Scott David {fucking travesty} you need to get in and see all of your target CDs before they stop doing workshops and you have no way of getting in front of them. We have no idea what is about to happen.
  4. Do a play or create a short! Yup. You need to recharge your creative battery. You need to do something to jump-start your juices that isn’t just the same old plugging away. Do it. Light yourself the fuck up!


To All Clients – Regarding 2016 Pilot Season

Guys, I have been hearing a ton of struggle here in Pilot Season.

Seriously, everybody on all sides of the industry is in the middle of the swamps of sadness. You actors are frustrated that you are not getting out enough/at all/for desirable roles. The reps are frustrated that they can’t get their clients in the rooms. Casting is frustrated that they are being limited to bringing in people from director/studio/network lists. Basically everybody feels like there is all of this wonderful opportunity around and you just can’t get a piece of it. I get it. I feel your frustration. This whole town does.

So what is a smart actor to do? There is so little that you have control over as an actor, but that drops even lower when we are talking about pilot season. Let’s use that frustrated energy for good. There is so much material right now, more than any other time of the year; take advantage of it! Read it. (There are a ton of pilots available to you on the website, just log in) Find roles that you dig and put them on tape. It honestly doesn’t matter if you can get them to see your tape, what matters is getting great stuff in your library of tapes. Stop getting attached to that one perfect job, instead, amass so much material of you acting in the perfect roles for you that you can submit for anything that is in your marketing. Look at the guest stars and co-stars. Put those on tape. Use the scenes you like as inspiration for scenes to update your reel. Work the material with some fellow frustrated friends just for the fun of it. Just keep going!

Keep your head up. Tupac was right about that. This business is hard and pilot season is the highest of the high as well as the lowest of the low in it. Keep slogging through. Plan a vacation for May and get the hell out of dodge where you can breathe air without hearing about any casting anything while you are relaxing. Just make sure you are living your life and finding some happiness. This is just a job. A great, fun job when it happens, but you have to love your life in the in between!

love you all,