Online Classes & Workshops

Believe me guys, I had the most doubt of anyone. I did not think that online classes could work. I wanted to be able to teach you guys from wherever I was in the world but didn’t know how to make that possible. Then I was introduced to the technology that some of the biggest corporations in the world are using, and holy shit, it is awesome!

I get to coach you as if I am watching you at video village! It is my coaching dream come true! And you get all of the benefits of an on camera class without having to traverse around the world to see me. And everyone who has tried this out with me has absolutely loved it! You guys, this is the next level of your training available to you on your computer, phone or tablet. Live classroom experience from your own home.

Online & On-set Availability Calendar

Still unsure? Here’s what some of my more skeptical clients said after trying it:

“Online classes with Kristy will help you improve your on camera acting and learn how to be 100% yourself in front of a computer. The screen doesn’t keep her from seeing your potential, knowing your needs, and fine tuning your acting! She is, hands down, the best coach I’ve worked with. My self tapes and Skype auditions will be infinitely better because of this class.”

“I didn’t think it could be so helpful, now I can’t wait to do it again! When is our next class?”

“This is amazing, why haven’t creatives had access to this kind of learning before?!?”

Come and try it out with me! I will see you on the screen!